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At Touch of Health Wellness Center, we offer many services revolving around health and wellness, not just chiropractic.  Below is a brief list of some of the services we offer.  If you are looking for another service, just ask, it may have been missed from this list and we may still be able to help or know someone else who can.

Chiropractic Adjustments
Following a thorough consultation and examination, the primary treatment received by most of the people receiving care is the chiropractic adjustment.  This involves identification of misalignments of the spine and extremities.  Upon identifying these misalignments, a combination of techniques, personalized to the individual, are used to realign these problem area, restoring proper motion to the joints and removing neurological interference.  For more information about the chiropractic adjustment, please visit the Chiropractic FAQ's page.

Accident Injury Care
Unfortunately, accidents happen, it's just reality.  What many people don't realize is that, with accidents, come injuries.  Even a minor little fender bender in your twenties that left you a little sore for a few days, if left untreated, can come back to haunt you later in life or can leave you more vulnerable to more severe injuries in the case of additional accidents in the future.  This is why, at least getting evaluated by a chiropractor is so important following an accident, whether it's a car accident, work related accident, slip and fall on the ice, sports injury, or anything of the like. In the case of car accidents and work injuries, there is little to nothing out of pocket for you, the patient, and it can play a huge role in returning to work and normal life activities.  If you've been in a car accident and have limited transportation, our doctors will even come to your house to treat you.

Corporate Wellness
Encouraging your employees to embrace healthy lifestyle choices pays off in numerous ways. Studies have shown that employee health directly affects productivity, absenteeism, disability and safety. And with healthcare costs on the rise, companies are faced with the challenge of how to positively affect employee wellness while maintaining health and benefit costs. Also, encouraging health demonstrates a concern for employee’s well being, and pays off! Employees notice when an employer shows concern for the health and well being of their employee base.

We meet with your business to discuss the areas of concerns for your employees as well as what you as an employer want to get out of promoting health and wellness for your employees. According to what is determined we have different ways of helping, whether it be a health talk, health screenings, or a partnership in keeping your employees bodies happy and healthy you decide what benefits you wish to pass on to your employees. We are only here to help because that is our passion.

DOT Physicals & Certification
For anyone who drives for a living, you need to be regularly certified by a doctor as being physically fit for the duties you need to perform.  Dr. Libby is federally certified to perform those exams.  Whether you're an independent or employed by a large company, Dr. Larson can offer competitive rates, while providing a thorough exam.  Same day, next day, evening and weekend appointments are often available.

Low Level Laser Therapy
Low level laser therapy is a type of treatment that is still making a name for itself.  The laser uses infrared light technology to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as speeding up cell turn over, which increases the rate of healing.  It is great for acute soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, or any kind of sprain or strain, as well as the chronic pain of arthritis. The technology was developed as a source of pain control for astronauts on the space station, so that supplying medication wouldn't be as necessary.  There are limitless applications for this therapy, and the best part...you don't feel a thing!

Flexion-Distraction Traction
Flexion-distraction traction is a way of inducing passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints, increasing mobility.

How does it work?

The patient lies face down on the table specially designed for this type of therapy.  The doctor than performs the traction manually by strapping the patient's legs to the table with velcro straps and, after releasing a lock on the table, the doctor can tip the table down or turn it side to side with one hand and applying pressure to specific joints with the other.  By applying pressure to specific joints, the doctor can provide targeted treatment to specific areas or injuries.  This traction can help to stretch out the lower spinal joints and take pressure off of tired discs and muscles.

What does it feel like?

Most patients find this form of treatment to be relaxing and very helpful. The best description would be that it feels like a gently, targeted stretch.  For some people, there can be an element of pain along with it, depending on your situation, although Dr. Libby and Dr. Joanna work very hard to perform this treatment in a way that is both effective and comfortable.

Why is it used?

Since discs have a poor blood supply, they get nutrients from the circulation of fluids surrounding spinal joints. Fixations prevent this natural circulation and can cause disc thinning and degeneration.  Flexion-distraction traction helps increase and restore necessary elasticity and motion to the spine.      

     Patient Benefits
          - Comfortable and relaxing
          - Increased mobility
          - Improves circulation of spinal fluids
          - Most patients enjoy the relaxing motion and the increased mobility gained
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
EMS is a therapeutic modality that uses mild, gentle, comfortable electrical currents to stimulate muscle contraction as a way to relax and exhaust contracted and spasmed muscles.

Graston is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that is used to break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.  It helps to improve range of motion and circulation as well as reduce pain.

Kinesiotape is a therapeutic taping technique that is used to help support damaged tissues by improving stability and circulation while maintaining range of motion.  It is also used to help reduce swelling and pain.

Nutritional / Supplementation Advice
Nutrition plays a huge role in our overall health, and most of don't get the nutrients we need for optimal health from our diet alone.  That is where certain diets and supplements can come into play.  Our doctors can help advise you on different dietary and supplemental options based on your specific needs.